Scouting Tips

1. Find your Huntables

Huntables are one of the fastest sources of Food available. When the match starts, try and find your nearby Huntables and kill them with your scout (they don't decay!). You can then bring your Villagers and build a Storehouse next to them and start gathering Food.

For the most efficient gathering possible, try and spread your Villagers so that you have one on each Huntable animal.

2. Scout your opponent's Base

Once you are done killing your Huntables, send your Scout towards your opponent's base. See where their resources are located, if they are gathering from Huntables or Berries, if they are making early Military Units, etc.

Knowing what your opponent is doing is extremely important in making your next decisions. Keep on Scouting!

3. Check the opponent's Stone

Keep an eye on your opponent's Stone deposit. If they are mining Stone, it is likely that they are going for an early 2nd Town Center. Knowing this can help you make a decision whether you want to respond with a Town Center of your own, or to try a more aggressive strategy.

Be careful, though! If your opponent only has 1-2 Villagers on Stone, it may mean that they are going for an aggressive Tower Rush strategy! In that case, make sure to opt for a more defensive strategy and be prepared for a Tower Rush.

4. Build Watch Posts

Watch Posts are very useful for getting vision on key parts of the map. Use your Scout to build them in strategic places (such as where your opponent might send a group of units to attack you, or a Gold Deposit that your opponent might start gathering from soon) so you're always one step ahead.

In case your Scout dies, you can still use your Villagers to build Watch Posts. Preparation is key!