Early Game Tips

1. Build a Barracks Early

Every civilization has access to their Barracks in Age I. By making a Barracks early on, not only do you enable yourself to defend against early aggression from your opponent, but also to move out with your own troops and put pressure on your opponent instead.

2. Consider Researching Loom

Loom increases your Villagers' survivability by a substantial amount, so if your opponent is being very aggressive with their units in Age I, consider researching this Upgrade early on so you have more time to react and escape with your Villagers. Better safe than sorry!

3. Use your Scout

Scouts are excellent at delaying your opponent's incoming Units. Keep a close eye to your opponent's Barracks and as soon as you see them sending Units towards your base, start attacking them with your Scout.

4. Abandon your Hunt

If you are being overwhelmed by your opponent's Units, quickly move your Villagers away from your hunts and start gathering from the Berry Bushes next to your Town Center instead.

Even though Berries are slower than Hunts, it's better to gather from Berries safely than to lose your Villagers. Don't forget to research Picker's Gloves if you do so!